This is crassula ovata commonly known as jade plant. For many Chinese and Filipinos, it is a lucky symbol, thus, it is also called money plant, dollar plant, friendship tree, pink joy or lucky plant.

More than a symbol, jade and indoor plants in general play a role in creating a pleasant environment to live, study, think, move, work and relax.The jade plant is actually a symbolic mimicry of the actual jade stone. Jade is considered highly valuable, and therefore very lucky – a material representing great wealth, auspiciousness and fortune and status [1].

The benefits of indoor plants include [2]:

  1. reducing carbon dioxide levels;
  2. increasing humidity;
  3. reducing levels of certain pollutants, such as benzene and nitrogene dioxide;
  4. reducing airborne dust levels; and,
  5. keeping air temperatures down.

Plants are also believed to help reduce background noise [3].

The jade plant and its family of succulents are easy to grow indoor.

These are the basic do’s: Water it, until the water flows out of the bottom, once a week during rainy days and twice a week during summer. Place it beside a window or bring it out to get 4 to 6 hours of sunshine everyday. To repot the plant, use a pot with a drain hole and a combination of garden soil, sand and decomposing twigs and leaves.

A jade plant in a corner and this wall décor above will definitely inspire your everyday!

End notes: