Did you succeed in your relationship, business, career or personal projects this year? Are you worried that 2018 will be the opposite? Are you excited or afraid of tomorrow? Do you know your objectives for next year? What do you need, want or wish to achieve?

First off, you don’t need to answer all those questions right now or to even think about them at this moment—finding the answers is a process. There’s no point in worrying or being afraid of tomorrow. You don’t get any credit for worrying in advance.

So just enjoy New Year’s Eve!

This advice from a cactus may prove handy to you as you welcome 2018

  • Get plenty of sunshine
  • Accentuate your strong points
  • Be patient through the dry spells
  • Conserve your resources
  • Don’t desert your friends
  • Wait for your time to bloom
  • Stay sharp!